ECP Medical Billing was a life saver for our Durable Medical Equipment Company in Omaha, Nebraska. Prior to using their services we contracted our billing to a local billing company which basically proved to be little more than a data entry service in filing our electronic claims, with limited follow up on denials at an additional cost.

We then hired full-time billers in house with the added expense of training, employee benefits, health insurance, and workman’s compensation costs. The latter approach to our billing needs proved to be financially burdensome with the added costs to maintain medical billing software, employee training, benefits, and loss of productivity due to employee attrition and the added need to closely monitor follow up on claim denials.

ECP Medical Billing took charge of all our billing functions and eliminated the unprofitable costs associated with collecting our reimbursements. They took the headache out of in-house claim submissions and follow-up and replaced it with the peace of mind knowing that our claims were being handled efficiently, accurately, timely, and within both Medicare and Medicaid guidelines.

ECP Medical Billing provided exceptional service and support and recouped thousands on aging claims which we were at risk of losing. They keep abreast of the latest Medicare, Medicaid, and accreditation guidelines in fulfilling your billing needs. They handled our billing with the same dedication and care as if ours was their own business.

They are extremely ethical, knowledgeable, and easy to work with—in short you can count on ECP Medical Billing to process your claims efficiently, thoroughly, and within carrier guidelines. I would highly recommend their services to others.

Linda G./ Omaha, Nebraska

I have been working with ECP Medical Billing for many years and they saved me from destruction and despair.

They are friendly, patient and knowledgeable in what they do. They explain to you all the details of all the changes that are taking place in the Healthcare Industry. If the claims are not filed correctly ECP Medical Billing will let you know and help you through the process to fix the problem.

Their rates are reasonable for filing claims, which they do in a timely manner. They are very efficient in what they do.

Many of our claims were denied by Medicare or other Insurances which meant a loss to our company revenue. ECP Medical Billing turned our loss into profit. They are a life saver. I would recommend ECP Medical Billing to anyone.

Gloria K. / Lake Charles, Louisiana

We have been using ECP Medical Billing for almost ten years.

My only complaint is that we should have been using them sooner.  Ms. Aungst brought us from being denied by insurance companies to almost 100% Reimbursements.

ECP Medical Billing is always available to answer any and all questions myself or my staff may have.  ECP Medical Billing is one of the most knowledgeable Billing companies I have come across in years.”

Dr. Larry LaVinge, DC /  Wellness Management Chiropractic & Medical Group, Inc. / Lake Charles, Louisiana

I’ve been contracted with ECP Medical Billing for almost four years. I guarantee that you will not find another billing company like this ever again. Ms. Aungst has proven to be more than helpful and knowledgeable for assisting in establishing a new doctor getting enrolled in the Healthcare System.

She is the sole reason why my private insurance is successful the way it is.

Her rate is unbelievably low and she doesn’t hesitate in filing the claims in a timely manner. I would highly recommend her and ECP Medical Billing to anyone for their Insurance Billing.

Dr. Joshua Thomas, DC / Lake Charles, LA